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What if my child doesn’t have an email address or mobile number?

If your child doesn’t have an email address or mobile number, or you don’t wish to submit this info, please leave these details blank. In this instance you’ll be the Account Holder so we’ll email all account details and notifications directly to you.

Who is the Account Holder if I fill in all details?

If you fill in your details as well as your child’s, then your child will be the Account Holder. However account details and all email notifications will be emailed to you both.



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SleepShack Screening Questions

The 4 questions below help Dr Seton and Dr Gamble determine if your child is medically suitable for the SleepShack Program:

Is your son/daughter aged between 10 – 18 years

Does your son/daughter have heavy snoring most nights?

Does your son/daughter currently have a major depressive illness?

Are you committed to supporting and assisting your son/daughter through the SleepShack Program?

Sorry you don’t qualify for this program

We’re sorry; SleepShack may not be the best medical treatment for your child. However don’t despair as your child can still get the help they need. You can arrange to see Dr Seton for a full sleep assessment, at one of his Sydney Clinics, by phoning 0423 523 840. Alternatively you can see your family Doctor and ask to be referred to a Sleep Paediatrician in your state.

You qualify for this treatment!

Great news. Your child qualifies for the SleepShack Program. Remember medical research has shown by improving children’s sleep, they’ll go to sleep quicker, wake up refreshed & happy, perform better at school and suffer fewer mood swings. So sign up now for a personalised Sleep Treatment Plan tailor made for your child by Sleep Physician, Dr Seton.